Male Celebrities Body Fat Percentage


Body builders can get to body fat levels as low as 3-4%. That’s extreme.

This body fat level results in severe vascularity (visibility of the veins). This is why the veins seem to almost pop out of their skin (and they seem pissed all the time). One is able to see each muscle and its striations. Even the tush has striations, some vascularity, and very little fat (“open me some walnuts, please”). 2% is the least amount of fat a man needs for the body to function and the hardest to maintain.

See how male celebrities look with different percentages of body fat.

Men at 40% Body Fat

At this body fat percentage, more fat accumulates in the stomach and waist (think of a 45 inch waist). At this dangerous level, every day tasks like taking the stairs, or bending over to pick something up becomes troublesome. This body fat level is close to the morbidly obese range (BMI 35+).