10 Hot Celebrities Who Love Wearing Tight Jeans

2. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is another former Disney star who is making it into adulthood the right way and with the right pair of jeans to go along with it. Thorne, who has had a number of starring roles in television and film, is only beginning to build on what is to become a very long and illustrious career. The multi-talented singer and actor is taking to adulthood extremely well, shedding off any childish version that Disney made of her years ago. Thorne is insistent that people look at her and treat her like a grown up.

Like most women her age, Bella has no problem getting herself into a tight pair of jeans. She is very lucky in the sense that many actors that are much older than her are constantly worrying about how to fight age. At only 19, Bella is a fresh face, ready to take the world by storm with her long legs, long hair, massive talent, and tight jeans.