10 Hot Celebrities Who Love Wearing Tight Jeans

7. Nicki Minaj

There are more than a few things interesting about Nicki Minaj. First, it is how she has unabashedly and undoubtedly controlled every aspect of her own image. A New York Times article actually followed her around for a little bit and found that, unlike many stars, Minaj is in charge of what is said about her, when it is said about her, how she dresses, and how she behaves.

This is not very common in the music industry at all. Just look at Pink when she first burst onto the scene. The rumor is that super-producer, L.A. Reid, had her change her image from the kind of motorcycle riding chick she is now to a more hip-hop one. The kind of power Minaj has is rare.

The other interesting thing is that Minaj has a gigantic butt that she ruthlessly and continually flaunts to the world. At just barely over five-feet tall, Minaj has a backside the size of someone twice her height. This combination makes her a perfect fit whenever she decides to wear tight jeans.