10 Fun Facts About Donald Trump’s Children

ivanka trump doral

Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka has been in the public spotlight much more than her half-sister, but is much more than just a pretty face. One of the most notable examples of her business acumen was acquiring the Doral Resort in Miami at a huge discount during her ninth month of pregnancy.

Shortly before Ivanka gave birth to Arabella in July 2011, Doral said they were accepting another bid and the deal appeared to be dead. Days after Ivanka’s daughter was born, the resort called back and said it was back on. She then had to leave her newborn in New York to fly out to Miami for one last look at the property and to close the deal. The result of Ivanka’s negotiations was the resort whose land alone was worth over $1 billion joining the Trump empire for a mere $150 million – that’s an 85% discount.

Michael Ashner, the chief executive of Winthrop, a holding company that sold the resort, came away impressed with Ivanka’s negotiating skills. “She’s one of the smartest people I’ve worked with,” he says. “She’s got an even temperament, she’s articulate, she’s tough and she is superb on due diligence and understanding the deal.”

Source: Forbes